rediscovering christianity's forgotten, organic ways amidst the modern industrial religious machine

About Paths of Return


I created this site as a kind of travel log of my journey in search of missing or forgotten elements of the Christian life.  Once I believe I’ve uncovered an element I use this site to report about it, explain it and draw a map or blueprint to help others find it.  So if you’ve been having that nagging feeling like something really important is missing, you’ve come to the right place.  In fact this website is here for you.

This website exists to serve Christian disciples dedicated to rediscovering and restoring essential elements of our faith that have been lost; to serve those who are searching for paths of return. So here are a few suggestions on how best to use this site –

  • This is not a typical blog where new items are all that matters, it’s more like a book with three constantly evolving chapters: Re-Mission, Re-Church, Re-Family. If you click on those topics you’ll see the most foundational insights first followed by application ideas.
  • Which means if you’re interested in knowing when something new has been posted the best way is to subscribe by giving me your email address (the box to the right). I’ll only email you once per week (after the five intro emails) and I’ll keep your email privately between us.
  • We want to involve other Pathfinders. I’m working on growing a community of fellow Pathfinders with the hope that we can link to their content, post their content or host their documents and files as our relationship develops. If you’re interested please contact me and send me your ideas.

I really pray that this site is helpful to you on your journey and especially for those of you who feel alone in searching for these forgotten ways (as I sometimes do) I pray this site gives you courage and some companionship knowing that this brother is searching for paths with you.

About Jeremy Pryor

Some Random facts:

  • I met my wife April here in Israel and we study Hebrew on hot dates
  • We’ve spawned five amazing kids: Kelsey ’99, Jackson ’00, Sydney ’03, Elisa ’05 and Kaira ’08
  • In my spare time I start businesses like Epipheo Studios (launched 2008), MarketplaceEarth (launched 2004) and (launched 2002, sold 2004).
  • My Myers-Briggs Personality is INTP find out yours here (and don’t judge me if you’re an ESFJ)
  • I grew up around Seattle and now live just south of Cincinnati in Fort Thomas, KY
  • Team Pryor, has an overactive YouTube Channel where you can learn way more than you ever wanted to know about our family life.

How I Write

  • The Blog Post.  This is intended to capture the inspiration of the moment.  A conversation, a passage, a prayer, an insight strikes that appears to bring together deeply held beliefs into a concrete action and I want to work that idea out.  These tend to be more raw and require me to go back and edit nuances.  I organize these posts into the ReMission, ReFamily and ReChurch categories by what people tell me were the most helpful to their lives.
  • The Blueprint.  These are designed to capture the inspiration of a whole season.  They tend to more like an epistle than a book.
  • The Video.  These are generally designed around a particular paradigm shift.  I think visually so if I can come up with a single picture or key graphic to describe the change I like to make a video to present these.  I’m also hoping my heart can come out a little more through this medium that is a bit more personal than writing alone.

Fellow Pathfinders

As fellow Pathfinders contribute consistent content I’ll be putting their bios here.