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[Audio] Equipping Households to Celebrate the Spring Holidays

Description: There is no greater time during the year for learning, remembering, and celebrating then the spring holidays of Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday, Easter, The Ascension, The Upper Room Intercession and Pentecost. Typically we just go to a special worship service but these events can and should be celebrated with our families in a way that allows us to pass these lessons on to our children.
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Mommy Needs Her Team

Nothing creates that lonely trapped feeling quite like realizing you’re in a group that calls itself a “team” in order to enjoy a free ride while you do all the work. Teams are about sharing the load in a way that makes even the difficult tasks feel lighter because we’re doing them together for a common cause.
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How to Bless your Children After you Die

God only knows how many days I have left and then my children and their children will live on and no matter what I do, the plain truth is, I won’t be there to help them. This is a scary thought for any father who loves his family.
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