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Daughters in Multi-generational Families

By Garrett Buckingham.

It is amazing the unity I am beginning to see in regards to God’s Family and His perspective on Multi-generational faithfulness.  I believe that He has given a vast wealth of knowledge to His church in regards to His perspective on Family, and that He is sharing that ethic throughout His body.  God is giving a clarion call to His family to walk according to His vision for the Family.

The following paragraphs are but a small introduction to a larger subject; that of raising daughters in a multigenerational family, which is just a part of the overall goal of agreeing and believing God’s multigenerational view for his Family.  Further exploration into both the greater subject of Multigenerational family as well as specific aspects of raising daughters must be expounded further as God leads.

The general overall perspective that should come out of Family Teams training is that we are a part of a larger Family and that God has made us a Family of Families.   We are preparing our Sons and our Daughters to be a part of a Vision that the Father has for his Church.  Ultimately our Father has provided both Sons and Daughters to join together his family and multiply.  Just as we would not train our Sons to look for a wife that does not have a multi-generational perspective, the men that we are seeking for our daughters to be covenanted with are ones that already have a multi-generational perspective.  Now they might not have the exact same multi-generational perspective in occupation or specific goals as my family, but they have the same fundamental one- To expand God’s kingdom and live within the Kingdom ethic and Father’s House rules.

Daughters are God’s great multipliers.  They multiply a family by sheer reproduction.  They multiply the effect of strong multi-generational families by being covenanted with other strong multi- generational families that are pursuing God’s will and purpose, thus bringing those families into a bond that brings more hands to the plow of nurturing God’s kingdom in the next generation.  They are like royal daughters who are only to be espoused to royal sons.  They are a very precious treasure.  They will be the mother’s who are nurturing and raising the next generation planting the seeds of the Gospel in our progeny in the very earliest of years.  If our sons do not have other families that view daughters as an equally valuable resource, they will spend most of their formative years retraining their wife rather than advancing the Family goals of expanding the kingdom.

We should be looking with our daughter’s for Men who have the same multi- generational faithfulness perspective as ourselves, and prepare them to be growing God’s Family in support/partnership of her husband.  Our daughters are vitally important to God’s mission of multi-generational faithfulness because they are to be covenanted to a man who will either have that perspective and grow God’s kingdom, or God Forbid, be covenanted with one who will fight it’s growth.  Multi-generational Family Teams take two families producing 1/2 of the whole equation for that next family and generation to have a foundation to build on, rather than to have that next generation struggle to rebuild or build a foundation that was never put in place.

I know Family teams training can be very specific about transferring on a specific Family mission, but I think that if that family mission is not tied in with the Gospel and expanding God’s kingdom it is not one we should be pursuing.

The theme for my daughters is very much surrounded by what is written above.   That he who finds a wife finds a good thing and I will partner with my daughters to find a man who will pursue my Father’s desire and expand his Kingdom into the next generation.