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Family Meeting

By Ben Crawford

I was recently asked these questions: What do you typically do in a family meeting – is there a format you like? What’s your philosophy behind the meeting?

Our family does a daily family meeting at 8:30 am. The fact that it’s “daily” is about as accurate as the fact that it starts at “8:30”. Realistically, we’re looking at more like 8:45 and this probably happens 3 days a week. Often times we’ll go weeks and months without it but for the last 2 years we’ve constantly coming back to it for 30 minutes in the morning.

Here are our values:

1. Worship (10 minutes)- We always start be orienting ourselves. We use a guitar and sing one song. Quite often explaining it to the children is as important as the song itself.

2. Training (10 minutes)- We usually read through a book, discuss a topic or share something that Kami or I have been learning. The book we have been going through is The Jesus Storybook Bible.

3. Unification (10 minutes) – Unity for us is achieved by communication. We’ll talk about our previous day and the day to come. Discuss our plans and make sure everyone is on the same page about what we are doing and understand how it fits in with the goals of our family.  We end with prayer and a cheer. Then breakfast.


Ben Crawford lives in Seattle, has five kids, is married to Jeremy’s sister Kami is building a family team and will contribute regularly to Paths of Return. To learn more about how to build a family team checkout Re:Family