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Fathers Getting Financially Schooled

Part 1 – When I Went Back to School.

Back in 2000 my family was virtually penniless but happily serving the Lord. We got by week to week by the grace of God (and the generosity of church goers). I didn’t think of money as a problem. In fact, it’s safe to say I didn’t think about money at all. April was skilled at stretching every dollar that came in and I stayed entirely focused on the Lord’s work. And that’s when it happened. The church asked me to do something I felt God was not calling me to do. I believed the right thing was to say no and resign, but I literally could not afford to say no. I felt trapped and it made me miserable. I felt I could only continue to provide for my family at the cost of my integrity. I decided to resign and cry out to the Lord to rescue me and my family.

He did, but not in the way I expected (a new job) or the way I wanted (winning the lottery). He sent me a mentor to teach me about finances. His name was Robert Kiyosaki.

I ran across a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad, read it, and then spent the next year reading every book he had written or recommended until his view of finances became a basic part of the way I thought and saw the world.

Today my family still has many problems but one of them is not a lack of financial resources. I believe most people’s financial problems are not in their bank account but in their head and in their heart. If you struggle with finances please invest heavily in your financial education.

This video is just one example that will give you a taste of a few of the lessons I learned from Kiyosaki. (Please take the time to watch this video or part 2 won’t make as much sense)

Part 2 – Dad There’s a Thief in our House

Now why is this on Paths of Return? Because there are two reasons we need to invest in deepening our understanding finances. The first is because, as fathers, it’s our job to provide (1 Timothy 5:8). But there is a second reason that is just as important. The Bible also makes it clear that it’s our job to protect (Genesis 14).

If your daughter crawled into your room and said, “Dad, there’s a thief in our house!”, you would do your best to protect your family. What you need to know is there is a thief in your house. What’s worse is that’s he’s moved in permanently. And what’s worse than that is you do not have the power to get rid of him. All you can do is constantly stand between the thief and your family’s assets and hedge against the thief, countering him blow by blow, in a constant duel to protect your family. This is your job because you are the father.

Who is this thief? Let me illustrate. If you lived in the year 1800 and buried $1000 in the backyard of your family home and your great, great grandchildren dug it up one hundred years later in 1900 it would have roughly the same purchasing power. If it could buy a 100 rifles in 1800 in would by 100 rifles in 1900. But if you buried that $1000 in 1900 and dug it up in the year 2000 it would be worth about 90% less. That’s exactly the same as if someone came and stole $900 of the $1000. And they didn’t even have to know where you buried it! And it’s not as if that $900 disappeared. Someone actually took it, spent it, and enjoyed it at you and your family’s expense. What are you going to do about it dad?

This is what happens to cash when a country or bank has the power to print money. You can’t just work harder and save more. The world is not that simple anymore. I wish that it was. God hates this form of injustice (“False weights and unequal measures – the Lord detests double standards of every kind.” Proverbs 20:10). But this is the world you and your family live in and as fathers we need to learn about it and work to protect our families.

Yes, there are things that should be done at the political level but this is unlikely to change in the near future and so in the mean time this means you must become very financially literate if you hope to protect your family financially. The middle class will slowly melt away in the face of this robbery and you and I must step up to fulfill the mandate Scripture gives to families to stay financially independent so we can have enough resources to bless others (1 Thessalonians 4:11-12)

Practically what does this mean? Before you only needed to learn to work hard and save money. However when you choose to build a multi-generational family inside of an economy of endless inflation due to the printing of money, unmoored from any objective standard, every father must also learn how to –

  • make hedge investments with savings
  • acquire and manage cash-flowing assets
  • train their children at a young age to understand economics
  • provide for their parents if/when they loose their retirement
  • become an expert in at least one way of making money in an area of the economy that is increasing in value

We can’t abdicate this responsibility or simply choose to entrust our family’s long-term security to another father’s generosity (this does not apply to singles – 1 Corinthians 7:32). We need to build strong, financially independent families now more than ever. This is one way we learn to become sons of our Father and prepare for the day when we’ll be ministers in His just government forever (Isaiah 32:1-2).