rediscovering christianity's forgotten, organic ways amidst the modern industrial religious machine

God the Father

By Mark Whitmore

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. [28] God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number…..

……God made the world, then he made us.

We have the reality of how he feels shown to us for a few split seconds, sown as a brief seed in our hearts and minds… the birth of our children.  “We made this, this person?” My wife and I showed up at the hospital as two people, and went home as three.   The mystery of who this person is, what he will think and do and be, fascinates and motivates us. We are consumed with keeping him safe, checking the nurses as they handle him, and restricting all who come into contact with him.  I remember spending 20 minutes making sure the car seat was correct in the back of the car.  The  purposefulness driving us is natural, and expected.  It felt very, uh….. fatherly.

Two years later, what motivates you?  The stain free nature of your carpet? The perceived lack of respect you receive in a two year old’s response to your directions?

Your cumulative lack of sleep over the past two years? Have you forgotten the magical,mystical event of creating humans, just two years earlier?

God has not forgotten- nor has the child’s enemy.  God has not become engrossed in His career, has not become enamored in some other planet or race or galaxy or universe. God is not fully involved in  some other pursuit.  God the Father is not worried whether or not you are going to stain His carpet, or embarrass His friends, or get in the way of His career.  You are His career, and His pursuit.  His only one. Just like on day one. We are made in His image. Parent that way. Remember who God gave you, and revive the seed sown on the day of your children’s birth. As you do this, you will learn how God fathers you.