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Knowing and Embracing Your Season

Do you know what the Holy Spirit is trying to teach you right now?

“the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things…” (John 14:26)

Do you know that right now you are immersed in a training program custom designed for you by the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is actively working to take the circumstances you’re immersed in and use them to form Christ in you. We don’t get to pick the lesson or the tools, but like any student, we get to pick whether or not we’ll actively participate.

That’s why the first step for any disciple, in any discipling relationship, and for any family seeking to follow the Holy Spirit is to try and discern, at some level, the agenda of the Holy Spirit and then to embrace it.

This lesson can take the form of a mission, a topic, learning a new identity, a new practice, deepening a belief, a character trait etc but whatever it is we like to call this our season.

When your able to identify what season you are in there are a number of huge advantages. Here are a few –

  • Active Participation – I’ve noticed that those who know and embrace their season will carve out time, energy or make major decisions they otherwise would not have made to fully immerse themselves in their season. In the past few months I’ve watched families make job choices, housing choices and ministry choices they otherwise would not have made had they not made a intentional decision to discern and embrace the season dictated by the Holy Spirit.
  • Rejecting the Dominate Narrative – Our culture wants to tell us what season we’re in and most of us will invest immense time and money embracing what they tell us. If the culture says, “you’re in the college season” we’ll move to a new city, spend tens of thousands of dollars and pull all nighters studying. If we’re in the American dream building season we’ll take out a 30 year mortgage we can barely afford to embrace a season dictated by our culture. If Christians spent just 10% of the energy toward embracing seasons dictated by the Holy Spirit as we do seasons dictated by the dominate culture what would the Church look like?
  • Patience – When we know our season we don’t fret that life is passing us by. We’re able to savor the moments knowing that whether we’re enduring a trial or experiencing a mountain top experience we’re right where God wants us to be.

I encourage you to simply ask the Holy Spirit, “what are you doing in me/us right now?” If he tells you then ask, “what can I/we do to fully engage in what you’re doing?” Most of the major decisions I’ve made in the life of my family, that seemed weird to the world, were made in response to the answers I received to these kinds of questions.

But let me warn you. The minute you start asking these questions you better be prepared for the ride of your life. You are no longer in the driver’s seat. You’re stepping into the life of faith and like your father Abraham before you, he most likely will not tell you where you’ll end up.