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Mommy Needs Her Team

Nothing creates that lonely trapped feeling quite like realizing you’re in a group that calls itself a “team” in order to enjoy a free ride while you do all the work. Teams are about sharing the load in a way that makes even the difficult tasks feel lighter because we’re doing them together for a common cause.

Well, let’s face it. Moms too often are stuck feeling like they are the quarterback, defensive line, coach and water boy on a team of demanding bench warmers. It’s a feeling of being alone that creates frustration, desperation and can lead to despair.

So in our family we’ve learned that April needs a signal for those times when she looks back and feels like she just stepped onto the field all alone. This can happen when we’re hosting guests, or the house is dirty, or were packing for a trip or a move and she feels the weight of all the work settle on her lonely shoulders.

All April needs to do in those moments is grab the closest kid or lazy husband and say “mommy needs her team” and BANG! something magical happens.

That person bolts through the house or yard and tells each member of the family “mommy needs her team”. When we hear these words we immediately drop whatever we’re doing, run to April, and wait patiently there until everyone arrives. Then April can assign a task to each person, and before we do anything else, we quickly go and accomplish that task. Six tasks suddenly disappear from her list.

It’s that simple.

But in order for this magic to really work you need a little family training (not guilt tripping). Run practice drills. Send your kids off to play and five minutes later sound the alarm. Your kids will enjoy the training and they will learn how critical their quick reaction and cheerful helping is to mommy’s well-being. Anytime the team starts to get sloppy and their reaction time begins to slow it’s time for dad to run another drill.

Every mom needs that signal. And every time she uses it she not only gets help for basic tasks but she’s teaching her whole family that God really has designed the family to work together as a team.