rediscovering christianity's forgotten, organic ways amidst the modern industrial religious machine

The Portal Residency

We’ve learned that one of the best ways to really understand, embrace and begin to restore these paths of return is to immerse yourself in an environment where these restorations are being actively pursued in community.

If you’re interested in dedicating a season to exploring what life looks like on the other side of many of these restorations, please prayerfully consider engaging in a portal residency.

Here are some elements of the portal residency

  • This is not a program with fixed beginning and ending dates.
  • Each portal residency is designed to custom fit the person, family or team involved.
  • In order to begin a residency you must be sponsored by a disciple-making family who lives in or very near the town of Fort Thomas, KY (our training and sending hub)
  • To explore a sponsorship it’s best to come to Fort Thomas for 4-10 days to meet people, engage in various gatherings, trainings and meals with various disciple-makers.
  • Many disciple-making families own additional homes or apartments designed to be rented out to those coming in for more intensive, immersive discipleship. These become available on an unpredictable basis so let us know your needs (how many bedrooms, furnished or unfurnished, how long etc.) and once you have a family sponsorship we’ll work on finding appropriate accommodations.
  • The reason a family sponsorship is critical is because we believe true discipleship happens through life-on-life DNA transfer and not through programmatic training. We use trainings to supplement this life-on-life DNA transfer but our hope is that you will become life-long friends with your sponsoring family and they will pour into you and your network of relationships as you return to your home town or wherever God calls you as equipped,  missional, reproducing disciple-makers.

Interested? Have more questions? Want to plan a short scouting trip? Please use the contact us form and someone will connect with you and help you further.