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Put Your Money Where Our Mission Is

Giving money is one of the most powerful acts in anyone’s Christian life.  With every dollar given you decide the shape of the future.  Every check is casting an everlasting vote for what you believe God is doing.  Walk through ancient cities like Rome, Istanbul or Jerusalem and you’re surrounded by the edifices created by the spiritual convictions of individuals and families who lived over a thousand years ago.  Their decisions are still with us.  Their beliefs shape the day to day spiritual lives of believers and seekers living in these cities.

So what is your giving shaping?  What are you voting for?  What spiritual environment are you creating for your great, great grandchildren?

If you believe the primary mission of the Church is to make disciples do you ensure that every dollar you give is being used strategically to accomplish that mission?  Or do you give by default?  Do you just “give to the Lord” and take no responsibility for following the impact your money is having – the impact you are having for generations to come?

For example, when you give to most traditional churches you are declaring that the reason disciples are not being made in your city is because there are not enough high quality worship services. I respect those who believe this and give for this reason and I’ll enjoy challenging their belief but I’m willing to bet there are millions of Christians who believe another worship service is not what’s missing in their city’s discipleship strategy but they give to create another one anyway.  Why?

I want to issue a simple challenge to you Church: put your money where our mission is.  If our mission is making disciples and you don’t believe discipleship is failing due to the lack of million dollar 30 minutes speeches, then discover how disciples are being made in your city and put your money directly into supporting that ministry, movement, community or person.  This simple shift just might change your city for all time.