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ReChurch: The Ephesians Blueprint

Link to the Blueprint: ReChurch: The Ephesians Blueprint

Description: Paul carefully outlines his understanding of who the church is and how it is to function in the book of Ephesians. Most believers today are so immersed in modern church forms they struggle to see and understand Paul’s clear instructions. In this blueprint we investigate the areas of Paul’s blueprint that have been neglected and forgotten by today’s church and try to discover possible paths of return.

Version: 1.0 – Only available through Google doc

Revision Date: Version 2.0 with .pdf and mp3 expected December 2011


FAQ for Blueprints

Why is it on a Google Doc? This is a very early version and I’m still editing this document almost daily.  Someday when it get closer to the way I want it I’d like to make it into a pretty .pdf that can be passed around. But even then I’d like to have the latest version with the most updated resource links to live in the cloud.

How can I share this? Please use the link to this page to share this Blueprint in case I need to switch the Google doc link.  This will also give people access to the .pdf when it’s completed.

How do I send you feedback? I need your help to edit and improve this document! If you would like to help me the easiest way is for you to make a copy of this Google doc into a new Google doc (File -> Make a copy) and make edits either in red or using the comment feature above on various sections (Insert -> Comment) and invite me to that document (you can get my email address for the Google docs invitation by signing up on the homepage).  I read every comment I’m sent and if I make a change to the blueprint either through correcting typos, adjusting points or adding whole sections, I’ll be sure to make note of your contribution at the end of the doc.