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Repentance- A Dirty Word?

By Jesse Dolan

Is Repentance a pleasant word? 

In my mind repentance was a dirty word, it was like that word obedience, it was a task to be done to admit a wrong doing and ask for forgiveness and humble myself. I did not see it as a positive thing to do on any given day, it was an unpleasant task a burden, a thing I HAD to do not something I wanted to do.

What I have begun to learn is that we have beliefs in our hearts, lies that are sitting there that Satan is whispering and using to keep us from being in a relationship with God. This was evident in the garden when Eve was whispered to by the serpent (satan), and when she listened and acted she broke the trust in her heavenly Father and chose to believe the lies of Satan. We have similar lies in our hearts, that Satan whispers to us each and every day of our lives, these lies are not in agreement with our Father.

So the act of repentance is a beautiful thing we voice the lie or speak it, and choose to be in agreement with our heavenly father. In that instance the lie/sin/disagreement with God comes into agreement with Him and we can live in the truth and in right relationship with our Father.

An example of this in my heart is that the enemy was telling me “you are lonely, you are lonely”, I was starting to feel lonely or isolated, which then made me question relationships and keep score, which then made me disappointed or sad, which then made me have mood swings. In a group of friends I was able to speak the lie and in that instant the truth that God loved me, had provided brothers and sisters in Christ all around my family, and that I was loved by him, was able to crush this spirit of loneliness.

So pray that God searches your heart, that the Holy Spirit reveals these lies, then confess them, choose to come into agreement with your Father. Time in the word, time in fellowship, time in prayer and time in worship will allow us to hear the truth and for repentance to happen in our hearts.

“The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”

This understanding of repentance being the act of coming into agreement with God and the Kingdom coming NOW in our hearts is AWESOME!