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Repenting of Bad Theology

Have you ever grieved over believing bad theology? Grieved for how your false beliefs about God have hurt your relationship with God and others?

Religious people almost never repent of bad theology. “Why should I” they think, “I already know the truth I just need to learn to live it out.” Sure they’re crushed when they do something bad, because it assaults their identity as one of the “good people”.

But if you have a real relationship with God and you are pursuing him as a person, then harboring false thoughts about him and spreading those impressions to others is kind of like being the fountain of a destructive rumour mill against someone you love. Discovering this should grieve us. And knowing this danger would cause us to constantly try and correct our false beliefs.

How many false beliefs have you repented of this year? If the answer is none is it because

  • You think you already fully know who God is?
  • You aren’t learning anything new about God?
  • You aren’t really pursuing God because you’ve settled for being religious instead?

This last one can happen to any of us. Our hearts incline toward being religious. It’s the default setting of the human heart. We must continually test our hearts to see if this year or this week or maybe just for today we’ve left the path of pursuing God as a person and settled for just being religious.