rediscovering christianity's forgotten, organic ways amidst the modern industrial religious machine

The Church Sends Itself

In a church where the basic divide is between professional ministers and passive consumers, missions has been exclusive endeavor of the ultra committed.  And everyone seemed comfortable with this arrangement.  Consumer Christians didn’t have to go or feel guilty about not going and missionaries enjoyed a large base of stay-at-home supporters.

But today things are changing.  The church of the past sent missionaries but the church of the future will send itself.  Missions is becoming the normal part of every believers lifestyle.  This is largely due to three shifts in thinking

  • Every Christian is already a missionary (as opposed to the unique identity of a few)
  • The Church multiplies through discipling movements (instead of traditional church planting)
  • Cross culture missions is commanded to every mature disciple (The Great Commission tells all disciples to “Go…”)

All mature disciples are capable of taking a seeker to full reproductive maturity.  Once this is seen as the basic, ongoing ministry of every Christian why not do this in a city other than your own for a season?  Start a virus in that place that will spread until it saturates a whole nation.