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The Heart- Can it be Reprogrammed?

By: Jesse Dolan

The heart vs the mind…. What is the difference?

Knowledge is kept in the mind, belief is kept in the heart. For instance we can define gravity as something that falls, this is knowledge in the mind, however the act of not jumping from a 3rd story window is the belief in gravity.

God cares about our hearts, when Adam and Eve sinned, they then hid and God asked “What have you done?” This was not a news flash for the Alpha and Omega. He wanted to know Adam and Eve’s hearts, he wanted them to confess their belief. God got down on their level, looked them in the eyes and took the time, the love, to ask them what do you believe in your heart?

God is showing us how to parent. When my son Joshua grabs Leah my daugher and kicks her to the ground for picking up his lego star wars action set, my first intention it to react swiftly with a blow to the head. What I need to do is remove him from the situation, get down on his level, look him in the eye and say Joshua what have you done? Why have you done it?

What is going on in my sons heart that he believes kicking his sister is ever a good idea? What lie are you believing that Satan is whispering in your ear? Is the Evil one telling you: that things are more important than your sister, That only Legos or things can fulfill your needs, or that you must control every situation or others will take advantage of you.

Son do you understand satan is using you to deliver another lie to your sister: That she is hated by the ones she loves, That the ones she loves will hurt her if she does not take care of herself or That brothers or men can not be trusted to protect and love and care for her?

Does he value other people? Does he value the gift of a sister? Is he so selfish that he will lash out in anger? Do his things make him feel important? What is the heart condition?

Then what discipline can I come up with to deal with this heart condition? How can I break the lies that satan is whispering to my children that are causing death and destruction? The same lies Satan whispered to Eve that caused the massive breakdown in our relationship with our heavenly Father?

God wanted us to be in right relationship with Him, to choose him every day. When Adam and Eve chose the Knowledge of good and evil, they fell out of relationship with their Heavenly Father. God then designed curses or discipline where we would work the land every day that would help us to desire Him. He cared about our hearts and being back in right relationship with us. He then gave His only Son to pay the debt of our sins.

We as parents, as Mothers and Fathers, need to take the time to understand our sons and daughters hearts, to root out the lies they are believing so they can be in right relationship with their Heavenly Father. I pray that God gives me the wisdom and discernment to shepherd and train up these little hearts to agree with God and not be deceived by the Evil one.