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The Supreme Court, Gay Marriage and the Family

Today the Supreme Court made it unconstitutional to ban gay marriage effectively making gay marriage legal everywhere in the U.S.

According to polls the majority of Americans agree with this decision while a minority of religious conservatives continue to decry the sin of homosexuality and the judgment they fear may come upon America as we collectively embrace this moral evil. Further, they worry that the language of this decision, which seems to suggest every person has a constitutional right to protected dignity, will inevitably lead to the erosion of religious liberty.

But Christianity is a house divided on this issue. A growing number of Christians feel that it’s time we drop it. Even if homosexuality is a sin, why legislate our personal morality, after all, isn’t Christianity centered on love and isn’t that what marriage is really all about?

It’s not easy to successfully argue against this crossdresser web cam point of view. If you concede that we shouldn’t legislate personal morality, which I do, and you concede that Christianity is centered on love, which I do, then what’s the problem? The problem is with the third premiss of the statement. Marriage is not simply about love, it’s about this other thing called the family, and we have no clear consensus across the culture or even within Christianity about what this word actually means.

One of today’s most popular shows, The Modern Family, uses the crazy confusion surrounding our various expressions of this mystery for our entertainment. When all truth has been forgotten there’s nothing left to do but laugh at the absurdity of it all.

But the suffering of children, the exploitation of women, the aimlessness of men and the ruin of the work of countless generations is not that funny. And these things are growing, not because of the gay agenda, but because we have collectively abandoned the basic idea of the family.

The covenant of marriage is designed to create a bedrock foundation for the establishment and continuation of the family. And a family is a multi-generational team that exists to work together to be fruitful and multiply – to fill the Earth and subdue it (Genesis 1:26-30).

I’m not in favor of gay marriage because the relationship between two men or two women lacks the basic building blocks to establish a family. Families must have a clear father, a clear mother, and the ability to multiply and extend itself throughout the generations. It’s not just about love, it’s about divine order established to accomplish a divine mission.

So in light of this what should we do about our society’s decision to embrace gay marriage? One thing – build strong, multi-generational families. We’ve spent the last 50 years complaining about the culture while our lives, our marriages and especially our families did little to convince anyone we had a better idea. Now that the contrast will become even more stark what will our society see? That’s not up to the Supreme Court. That’s up to you and me.