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The Way to Peace

Do you know that Jesus taught us the way to bring peace to the world?

As Jesus crested the Mount of Olives and looked down upon Jerusalem he wept and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes.”

Do you know what Jesus was talking about?

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Jerusalem the day after Christmas, the day the angels proclaimed “peace on Earth, good will to men” listening to Israeli’s talk about the immense strength of the IDF (The Israeli Defense Forces).

They believe they have found the way to peace through a national homeland and a strong military.  And their army is immensely powerful.  A popular t-shirt in Jerusalem says “don’t worry America, Israel is behind you.”  But if we look at history, does a strong military lead to true lasting peace?  Israel’s enemies get more aggressive and more powerful every day.  I shudder to imagine what one lost war could mean for the Jewish people.

Jesus-followers hold in their hands the way to world-wide peace but it seems we either trade this knowledge for personal peace or join the world’s programs for peace which, as our Lord has already told us, are doomed to failure.  Perhaps the most insidious lie being promoted in our day is that peace will come when we all belief in peace more ardently than we believe in God.  This hollow, short-sighted, western philosophy leaves a vacuum of faith that will be filled with a lie that will inevitably lead to far more conflict.

In this area, as in many others, the Jewish people are a prime example of experiencing what brings real peace.  This carpenter’s son born in a rural village 2000 years ago has amassed so many Gentile disciples around the world that today the ardent support of Israel by millions of disciples of this Jewish rabbi are like a bulwark assisting Israel from standing alone and this bulwark is growing in strength.  This Jewish Messiah can at the same time provide hope, peace and security to the Palestinians and end their long night of suffering.

Tolerance will not bring peace to the world or the Middle-East only truth can.  If you want to seek peace there is only one activity that must consume your life – go and make disciples of all nations.

When the world follows the beliefs of relativism we get the reaction of religious extremism.  When the world embraces other faiths in a radical way it leads to more polarization, more exclusivism and more conflict.  When people become radical followers of Jesus they become radically humble, radically loving, radically courageous, and radically balanced.  Only the Gospel has this power, and only discipleship can bring the whole Gospel to bear on someone’s life.  This is the only way to true lasting peace.  Bring your Kingdom to Earth Prince of Peace!