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Tim Tebow, Home Schooling and the Impact of Parenting

Over the past 10 years as I’ve thought  about home schooling I’ve been torn between two insights.

  • Insight #1 – Schools are not designed to make leaders who think differently and become world changers.
  • Insight #2 – Home school makes kids so different from their peers that their generation won’t follow them.

If you want to raise a leader what do you do? Let’s be candid. Put them into school and you role the dice on their character, home school them and you role the dice on their personality.

Enter Tim Tebow. A kid who was home schooled by his missionary parents and thinks, acts, and even plays football so differently that, at first, many find it difficult to understand him or trust his actions are really authentic.

Bill Maher nicely summed up how cynics see Tebow –

But the more you watch Tebow the more you realize that his ability to say the right thing over and over again in spontaneous situations can only be the result of authentic transformation (here’s an example of how he responds to former Bronco’s QB Jake Plummer).

So he leaves us baffled, then we turn curious, then we begin to believe and then many begin to follow.

He’s demonstrating to the world how a home school kid, who is not a product of the culture can, nevertheless, be a leader of it. In fact, far from being a leader in spite of his upbringing, it’s clear he is a leader because of his upbringing (including getting one sport’s commentator to even go to church).

ESPN did a detailed account how he was raised that is brimming with parenting insights –

His recent winning streak that defies explanation has resulted in this video delivering the epiphany that he simply, inexplicably wins.

And even though the final word on Tim Tebow’s legacy is far from written I’ve learned one thing from this man that is transforming my perspective – if this is the kind of leader we’re in danger of creating through home schooling and intentional parenting, I’m ready to risk it.