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By Micah Landers
A little over a month ago, our family moved across the country, from Cincinnati, OH to Oklahoma City, OK. The following post is one I wrote for our family blog recently, concerning maintaining a steady, life-long family discipleship priority through transition.

These past couple of weeks have taken on a reflective, slowed down pace here in Oklahoma City. After a bustling month in the OKC, our family has been experiencing varying degrees of sickness over the past week, and the Lord has been using this down time to help us reevaluate our perspectives.

We came to OKC eager to see what the Lord is doing in the Church across this city, and very quickly we came in contact with a number of leaders who have big vision for what the Lord is asking of the Church; a Church that can respond to this vision in eagerness to bless and renew the city and its homeless, refugee, widow, and orphan.

This is such awesome stuff! We were immediately blown away and eager to seek the Spirit in finding out where we belong in all of this. His answer has been slow and somewhat painful, mostly because we were not positioning our family to receive what He had to say.

So He adjusted us.

Mostly utilizing uncomfortable circumstances, He began to teach us.
We have known for a long time now that a Kingdom-identified family is at the core of the Church’s function here on the earth. Within the family paradigm there is endless opportunity for discipleship and these relationships are the ones which most deeply define us, the ones that God uses as metaphors in His relationship to us, as our husband, father, and brother. In the New Testament, church leaders are proven capable by their ability to relate to their families as a first priority. Our family is our first ministry opportunity, and it always remains the opportunity we should be most devoted to, where the majority of our vision casting should be concerted.

Simply put, we have long understood and respected this perspective, but we came to this city with a very poorly functioning family vision and family in general practice; we very nearly fell into pursuit of outward ministry before family, assuming that agreeing to pursue outward ministry together meant that our family was functioning greatly and purposefully. Error!

Through sickness and discord, lack of vision and seeking the Spirit, the Lord began to very clearly tell each of us, “don’t forget the great things I have been teaching you already, which are mostly just knowledge to your family and not yet defining characteristics.” Understanding counts for very little, and the Lord is showing us how to practically put in place the knowledge we have been cultivating for years.

So, regardless of what other vision the Lord casts outwardly before our family, we are coming back to the very simple principle that walking in consistent ministry toward our family and through our family to others is the basis for defining a life time of faithfulness.

In the end, our initiatives over a 2 or 5 or 20 years period will not define us. Our roles as good fathers, husbands, wives, and mothers, brothers, and sisters, both in literal family relationships and in the Church, will define us.
Let’s start walking in that.

– Micah Landers is a self proclaimed “near-sighted, long-winded visioneer, identity builder, and spinner of yarns and tales. He and his wife, Lisa, recently moved along with their two tiny daughters from Ft. Thomas, KY to Oklahoma City, OK, simply because that’s what God suggested for their family. You can connect with them at